Hello everyone. In view of current environment and developments with COVID-19 around the world, we made a decision to also cancel Medieval Tango Retreat. For those of you who have registered and paid for the event, you will be getting back a full refund. If you have booked your tent, you will also get a full refund, please write to Good Knights directly. We feel that it's best to be proactive under the circumstances and not wait till last minute.

We will attempt to do this again next year when things are settled, and will be in touch.

Stay safe and take care of yourself.

Medieval Tango Retreat - Cancelled


About The Retreat

About The Retreat

About The Retreat


What To Expect

About The Retreat

About The Retreat


The Cast

About The Retreat

Tango Workshops


Tango Workshops

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Tango Workshops



Full Printable Schedule

Full Printable Schedule


Full Printable Schedule

Full Printable Schedule

Full Printable Schedule



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Registration Form

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About the Retreat

Save the date, because something new and exciting is coming your way!

  • June 25 to 28th, 2020
    Casa Tango Edmonton is thrilled to announce this extra-ordinary and unique international tango event of dancing, workshops and activities that will take place at the Good Knights Medieval Encampment in south-central Alberta, Canada.


And if you loved Game of Thrones and miss the show, this place will really immerse you into a fantasy world, perfect for fans who are hungry for more!  No matter which house you pledge your allegiance to, everyone will have fun at this regal campsite straight out of Game of Thrones!

The idea for the Medieval Tango Retreat was born when Vera and Daniel camped at Good Knights Medieval Encampment in June of 2019.  They enjoyed their weekend of medieval glamping and immersive experience so much, that they discussed the idea for the unique tango retreat with the owners that same weekend.  Less than a year later, they are excited to announce an event in partnership with Good Knights:  A Medieval Tango Retreat experience you won't soon forget.

Location & Setting  The retreat will take place at Good Knights Medieval Encampment, a unique facility and top-rated medieval-themed venue located in a beautiful valley in the rolling prairies of central Alberta.  The medieval-themed park opened to the public in 2017 and operates each year from mid-May until mid September.  The Good Knights facility has become a destination for adventure loving families, couples, and groups looking for something out of the ordinary.  Good Knights is extraordinary!  The encampment is located about 

  • 1 km (0.6 miles) from paved Alberta Highway 21 
  • 10km (6 miles) from the town of Three Hills.  
  • 1 hour NE of the Calgary International Airport (YYC),
  • slightly over 2 hours from the Edmonton International Airport (YEG).  

As a bonus, thanks to the natural insect control, the beautiful swallows, the mosquitos won't be a nuisance!

Website:  Good Knights Entertainment Ltd. 

On-Site Facilities and Amenities:
Medieval Encampment Beyond the imposing wall and giant wooden gates, this collection of medieval-style and Viking tents is the central hub of the venue.  

  • The venue has 10 fully-equipped medieval style tents to accommodate guests for comfortable overnight stays.  
  • All of these have wooden floors and comfortable beds.  
  • Most also have electricity, heaters, and en-suite bathrooms (appropriately called ‘thronerooms’).  
  • The tents range from the palatial ‘Royal’ pavilion with its 4-poster canopy bed and rich décor to the smaller Viking tents with simpler amenities and decor. 

*The encampment can accommodate about 30 people in the canvas tents.  For the Medieval Tango Retreat, we have secured an incredible discounted rate for those staying on-site, thanks to the generosity of our hosts. Please book early due to limited spaces in the encampment!

On-site Amenities

Ringed with canvass tents on wooden floors, there are spaces between for gathering, eating, relaxing or enjoying a campfire.

  • Great Hall - dance hall where lessons and milongas will take place.  The Great Hall is a large timbered building with a raised stage and a spacious (720 sq ft) solid wood floor perfect for dancing . The room is decorated with flags and banners.  It is used for the medieval feasts as well as dancing. It will be the 'Plan B' for the feast in case of inclement weather.
  • Heather Hall - the small feast hall (500 sq ft) with a low raised platform at one end is decorated with swords and tapestries. It is used for smaller dinners and events, as well as leather crafts.
  • Dining Room - the central room (200 sq ft) in Commercial kitchen building has a solid hardwood floor and is used as a meeting space when not being used as a store.  This could be used for private dance lessons.
  • Moroccan Tent - this is a large shade tent (30' x 50') that will be available for participants to rest and get out of the sun.
  • Shower / Toilet Building - the new combined shower and toilet building will be available for guest to use. There will be showers and toilets in each end (for men and women).
  • Archery Range - it's a supervised archery range where guests can learn to shoot a long-bow or practice their skills.

On-site Activities (included):

  • Medieval Archery - guests will get a chance to participate in supervised long-bow archery at one of three optional activity slots across the weekend.  Learn to shoot a long bow, practice your skills, watch a war bow and cross bow demonstrations, and maybe get a chance to compete to be the archery champion.
  • Leather Craft Workshop - guests can participate in one of 3 leather craft workshops across the weekend where they will create their own hand-made memento of the weekend (limited spaces available for each workshop).
  • Sword School - learn to hold and swing a sword, taught by Sir Daniel - a real knight. He will show you different swords and techniques and give participants a change to get some hands on experience swinging a sword. Limited space available for each of the three sword schools.
  • Medieval yard games - available to use (staff will teach you how to play).


Great Food - Premium selection of locally produced foods chosen for quality, taste & presentation

  • Coffee and light continental breakfast items for early risers (for guests staying on-site)
  • Friday continental breakfast with rolled oats & boiled eggs.
  • Saturday and Sunday brunch - A generous selection of fresh fruits, breads, cheese, and cold meats along with a hot entree of the day (eg. Belgian waffles), plus a selection of hot and cold beverages served in the Encampment outdoor dining area.
  • Welcoming BBQ - on Friday evening all participants are invited to enjoy a hearty dinner of barbecued Alberta beef (vegetarian and other dietary options are available on request). Join your friends, both new and old, for a casual dinner served outdoors in the Medieval Encampment.
  • Medieval Long-table Feast - guest will dine medieval style at an outdoor medieval long-table feast on Saturday evening. The meal will be served in 6 courses, including their signature smoked turkey legs. There will be plenty of food and you might even get utensils. Prepare to step back in time and enjoy a truly unique dinner with entertainment, a bit of storytelling, some history, and, of course some medieval dancing. Medieval and Renaissance costumes are available for all guests.  In case of inclement weather, the feast will be moved into the nearby Great Hall. 



  • Accommodation
  • Organized excursions
  • Tango workshops (included with a full pass)
  • Ladies' technique & adornos class with Melina
  • Thursday informal medieval inspired dinner at an extra $10 cost (medieval soup, venison stew on a bed of buckwheat prepared by Daniel, Sir Daniel  and Dmitry)
  • Sunday dinner - chili on a bun (meat or vegetarian options) extra $10 cost.

Things to Do and See in the Area:

  • Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology  - there will be an organized excursion to the museum with transportation provided on Friday afternooon at an extra charge or you may choose to go on your own.  The museum is located about 40 minutes SE of the Good Knights venue in a city of Drumheller.  It's open daily in the summer from 9 AM to 9 PM and is considered one of the best dinosaur museums in the world, well worth a visit. http://www.tyrrellmuseum.com/
  • Drumheller is a beautiful town with rich history from the coal mining days and several oil booms. It is set in the badlands of the Red Deer River valley.  About 40 minute drive from our venue.
  • Red Deer River Badlands - the unusual and beautiful badlands are found in a few areas around the world. Horseshoe Canyon is a great place to walk around around the unique hoodoos and other erosion formations that are found in this area. Located about 30 minutes SE of Good Knights. https://www.kneehillcounty.com/2272/Horseshoe-Canyon
  • Rosebud Dinner Theater - located in the picturesque Rosebud River valley the town of Rosebud is a real gem. Home of the Rosebud School of the Arts and the Rosebud Dinner Theater this town attracts thousand of people each year to watch the moving performances put on by the theater school. Several bed and breakfast offer rooms in Rosebud. https://www.rosebudtheatre.com/
  • Calgary Stampede (July 3 - 12) - this annual city wide party is held to celebrate the great cowboy tradition that is so much a part of Calgary. Lots of music, food, and entertainment - plus the rodeo and chuckwagon races held each evening at the Stampede Grounds. https://www.calgarystampede.com/visitor-information
  • World famous Canadian Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies are about 2 hours to the SW of Good Knights

This event is listed under Danceus.org

What To Expect


95 Participants

  • This retreat is not a ‘mass’ event. This helps in establishing a real and human contact with people, just as Tango should be
  • We expect dancers from across North America & around the world, so book early to avoid missing out on this one-of-a-kind event

Gender Balance

  • We will strive for role-balanced event to create good energy


  •  3 afternoon milongas
  • 4 evening milongas
  • Saturday evening Gala Milonga with performances by our guest maestros

Great Music

  • We know how important the music is, so we have invited very experienced and knowledgeable DJs for everyone's dancing enjoyment

Wood Floor

  • The facility features a large Great Hall with a beautiful solid wood floor and medieval decor where lessons and milongas will take place

Fun Tango Workshops

  • Enjoy and learn from experienced tango teachers, Melina and Leonardo, in a fun format with a medieval flair!

Medieval Activities & Period Costumes

On-site various medieval activities:

  • Sword-fighting demonstrations
  • Group campfire 
  • Long-bow archery 
  • Medieval yard games - available to use (staff will teach you how to play)
  • Choose from a wide variety of beautiful period costumes

Morning Yoga and Stretching

  • For early birds, wake up and enjoy a gentle yoga and stretching session lead by an experienced yoga instructor

Great Food

Premium selection of locally produced foods chosen for quality, taste & presentation

  • Continental breakfast
  • Saturday and Sunday brunch
  • Welcome BBQ supper on Friday
  • Saturday Medieval  Outdoor Long-table Feast where you'll eat like a noble 
  • Thursday and Sunday supper at a small additional cost 
  • Thursday supper will consists of medieval inspired dishes such as soup, venison stew served on a bed of buckwheat groats

*Vegetarian options available, please notify us when registering.

Organized Excursions or Explore On Your Own

  • Organized excursion to the world renowned Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum in Drumheller, AB
  • Organized hike to Horseshoe Canyon located in Canadian Badlands
  • Or explore on your own Canadian Badlands and hoodoos

* Organized excursions at an extra cost

Enjoy and Relax in Beautiful & Peaceful Surroundings

  • This location is surrounded by beautiful nature, green meadows and hills, away from the noise and the frenzy of the city.  And thanks to the natural insect control, the beautiful swallows, the mosquitos won't be a nuisance!
  •  Lie on the grass, listen to the sounds of nature, enjoy the blue sky of the day and the stars of the night
  • Go for nature walks in the country side
  • Take time for yourself!

The Cast


Melina Mistral & Leandro Haeder - Guest Maestros

Montreal, Canada/Argentina

Melina and Leandro met last year in Montreal and greatly enjoyed dancing and teaching together. They realized that they complimented each other's strengths and that by exchanging knowledge they could build a strong partnership. With many projects in the making, including a tour in Asia and in Canada, they are very excited to take part in the Medieval Tango retreat!

Leandro Haeder  Called the "tango doctor" because of his large technical understanding of the dance and his ease to pin point the concerns in a dancer's body, Leandro is cherished by his students. He started Tango 17 years ago, In Caleta Olivia - Patagonia, where he taught the dance for 3 years at CEMEPA (art school), before moving to Buenos Aires. There, he taught at several milongas such as La Viruta, Club la Independencia, El Beso Club, etc. and creates 3 practicas in collaboration with other dancers : Practica Varon (with Lucas Paez), Tangosterona (with Sergio Segura) and Que lo Pariooo (with Cristian Palomo, Melisa Sacchi and Laly Victoria). For the last 3 years he has travelled internationally to Asia, Europe and North America, working with many other professional dancers. 

Melina Mistral  Recognized for her elegance and power as a dancer, respected as a pedagogical and dedicated teacher, Melina’s passion for Argentine Tango is undeniable. When she isn’t traveling throughout North America or Europe, performing in festivals, giving workshops and DJ’ing, she works in Montreal. Taking her first Tango steps as a teenager, in her neighbourhood studio Montango (where she taught for many years), Melina fell in love with the dance. With a slightly different background from the usual professional dancers, Melina’s body knowledge came from years of martial arts training and sports. Impatient for more coaching, she continued her studies with teachers from all over the world and took many classical ballet and Pilates classes to complement her dance. She has since then worked with different dancers (such as Ney Melo (NYC), Cristian Sierra (Chile), Veronica Toumanova (Paris), Phi Lee (NYC) and Raphaël Baron (Mtl)), as well as participated in several Tango shows and movie sets. She has also explored both the leader and follower’s roles in the dance, making her a strong solo teacher and versatile dancer. She is currently on a world tour of Europe-USA-Asia-Canada. 


Melina Mistral - DJ

Montreal, QB, Canada

Starting as a dancer and then as a teacher, Melina began to explore DJ'ing over 6 years ago.  Playing at first in the local milongas of Montreal, her home base (Montango, Las Piernas, TSC, Milonga Cariñito, la Milonguita del Barrio), she slowly introduced herself on the international stage as she traveled to teach. She has since DJ'ed in San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York, Ann Arbor, North Carolina, Virginia, the Netherlands and France for festivals, marathons and local milongas.  Recognized for dancing both roles in Tango, Melina's understanding and sensitivity to the need of the dancers as well as the ronda and keeping a good energy on the floor, are the foundations of her music choices.


Dmitry Pruss - DJ

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Dmitry Pruss discovered Argentine Tango in 2006.  

He has years of tango organizing experience with the club events in Salt Lake City, as well as organizing a very popular Mountain Milonga Retreat in Utah. 

Dmitry also writes his own tango blog and turned his love of tango poetry and music into DJing, translating lyrics and giving lectures.  He feels it is his duty to share his knowledge and experience of tango music with other dancers.  

Dmitry DJ's at milongas, festivals and workshop across the United States, as well as in his native Russia and Ukraine.


Sir Daniel and Lady Linda - Our Hosts

Three Hills, AB, Canada

Sir Daniel and Lady Linda are avid medievalists and love to host guests. They fell in love with all things medieval on a high school trip to England - where they had their first medieval feast. They have been involved in medieval reenactment and medieval fairs ever since. Sir Daniel does full contact armoured combat and Lady Linda does medieval crafts and cooking. They both do traditional archery. They have traveled extensively and have visited every continent (except Antarctica). They love to read, listening to music,  and dancing. In 2015 & 2016 they won medals for wheelchair dancing (Lady Linda uses a wheelchair). In 2017 they opened the Good Knights Medieval Encampment to the public.


Vera Baraz & Daniel Calcines - Organizers

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Daniel was born in St. Petersburg, Russia to an Argentinian mother and a Cuban father, and like tango itself, he is international.  Growing up in Cuba, he was immersed in latin dance and music from an early age, as well as listening to tango music thanks to the influence of his mother, a native of Buenos Aires. Daniel speaks fluently in Spanish, English and Russian.  Vera grew up in Russia and came to Canada with her family in her early teens. She attributes her passion for the latin music and dance to meeting her husband Daniel. In 2000 both of them went for the first time to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a native country of his mother where his family now resides. Both fell in love with Argentine tango and since then have been studying relentlessly with some of the best instructors both in Argentina and around the world.  Inspired to share tango’s beauty and passion with Edmontonians, they have been teaching lessons, organizing practicas, as well as weekly and monthly milongas in their city of Edmonton, AB, Canada.


Tracey Pierog - Yoga Instructor

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Owner and instructor with Elysian Health and Fitness, Tracey has been teaching dance fitness and yoga classes since 2006. She has taught locally in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Leduc, Canmore, and Calgary as well as internationally. Tracey has danced all her life, and especially enjoys Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Salsa, and Bollywood. She has been able to expand into the realm of Ballroom, and has danced Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, Vienese Waltz in Vienna, Austria, Flamenco in Saville, Spain, and Salsa in Berlin, Germany. 

Tracey has been studying and practicing yoga since 1995. She is certified in Physical Yoga, Yin Yoga and is an avid fan of all schools of practice. She is also certified in several meditation practices that she has used to coach her clients to a place of zen!  She has an extensive anatomy, physiology and dance background and educates in form and technique using Barre Method instruction. Tracey loves the creativity and exhilaration that come with these many forms of movement and recognizes them all as forms of living art.

Tango Workshops and Yoga


Technique & Adornos for Followers by Melina (Thursday)

Forfeit Thy Body to Tango 

Melina puts a lot of emphasis on accepting and understanding one's body to be able to dance well. If we try to look a certain way or copy someone with a different body type than us, we will never truly enjoy our dancing. Working on deconstructing certain myths of the free leg as well as empowering each dancer through strong technique, this follower's technique and embellishment class is for all of those who want to discover the world of possibilities lying in their bodies.  

Group Lesson with Melina & Leandro #1 (Friday)

Throw Down the Gauntlet 

In medieval times, throwing down a gauntlet at the feet of an enemy meant to challenge them to a duel.  In this class, Melina and Leandro will each present some of their favourite steps, all pista (dance floor) friendly, dueling each other with who has the funkier step!  Who will win? 

Come over and try out and judge these steps for yourself!

Group Lesson with Melina & Leandro # 2 (Saturday)

An Egg in the Nest

When collecting eggs from hens, peasants would leave one egg in the nest to encourage the chickens to continue laying eggs in the same nest. 

In this class, Melina and Leandro will explore the foundations of Tango techniques, through the eyes of many styles and kinesiological awareness, on which the students will be able to continue building their dance in the future.

Group Lesson with Melina & Leandro # 3 (Sunday)

Barley Break
Barley Break, a game conceived during medieval times, was played inside a circle which was drawn on the ground and in which players had to run from " the it player" in order not to get tagged. If tagged, they had to join hands with "it" and help "it" tag more players. 

Based on this idea, Melina and Leandro built a game to enhance students' creativity by exploring the multiple possibilities from the "basic step", working on the fluidity of the line of dance and getting more comfortable in tight spaces!  You won't couch a hogshead with this one!  (To couch a hogshead is an old English slang idiom which means to fall asleep easily.)

Privates with Melina & Leandro

Limited number of private lessons are available on request.  Please book early and contact us directly to book!

Yoga & Stretching with Tracey: Friday through Sunday

Stretch Thyself

Thou hast been summoned! Pilgrims!  I beckon thee! Cease from thy daily toil for some time to engage in a restorative process.  Let the Maiden-Fair lead ye through a ritual sure to balance thy bodily humours!  Be soothed by the gentle music of the lyre, whilst ye stretch and heal thyself.  Loosen thy hind-shanks and reach thine arms toward the heavens.  Relax thy muscles and be ye light of heart…


Complete Programme Schedule



Registration Is Now Open!

How to Register:

Fill out  the form on this page below.

We will reply with an e-mail to let you know the status of your registration and request payment. 

For those who are staying at the encampment, we will send you an MTR ID code to proceed with booking the on-site tent.  Please see Tent Booking Instructions

Please note: we will do our best to make this event role balanced for good energy and everyone's enjoyment.  We encourage everyone to register with a partner. This means we will be accepting couples and leaders registrations while incorporating a wait list for single followers. When single leaders sign up, single followers will be admitted based on their position in the waitlist. A follower on the waitlist can still register as a couple if they find a leader to sign up with. 

How To Pay:
If you are from Canada please e-transfer to info@casatangoedmonton.com
If you are from the U.S. or other countries, please use Paypal FRIENDS & FAMILY to info@casatangoedmonton.com

We also will accept cheques and cash, connect with us directly to arrange the details.

Refund Policy: please read our Policies, Terms and Conditions

Contact:  We’d love to hear from you! If you have feedback or any other inquiries, please email us at info@casatangoedmonton.com

Medieval Tango Retreat Registration Form



  1. Please register for the event first by filling out  The Event Registration Form 
  2. After we receive your registration,  we will get back to you with confirmation of registration and you will receive an MTR ID code (if you're staying on-site)
  3. Go to Good Knights landing page here to see tent availability, description and to choose your tent (other valuable information will be there as well)
  4. After you choose a tent, please click on the button below which will take you to a registration form that you need to submit to Good Knigts for tent booking

Tented medieval glamping for an unforgettable immersive experience

For the Medieval Tango Retreat, we have secured an incredible discounted rate on tents thanks to the generosity of our hosts Sir Daniel and Lady Linda.

  Please note that we are booking the entire encampment and require all tents to be fully booked for the event to proceed. Please take advantage and book early, tents will be available on a first come, first served basis. 

Once all the main tents are booked, the owners have made an exception and agreed to have a few extra tents that could be brought by attendees and set up on a grassy area just outside of the gate.

If you have an RV, you could also park it in the parking lot (no hookups available).

Nearby Campgrounds

We are in the process of finalizing a reserved block of rooms at a special price at nearby hotels for the rest of the retreat attendees (about 10 minute drive to the venue). 

o Lamplighter Inn (403) 443-5919 -email:  ohmike1002@gmail.com

o Best Western Diamond Inn (403) 443-7889             https://www.bestwestern.com/en_US/book/hotels-in-three-hills/best-western-diamond-inn/propertyCode.61069.html 

* Note that we are making arrangements to have a shuttle bus for people who are staying in Three Hills.

How to find Good Knights:

  • Good Knights is located 10 km south of Three Hills just 1 km (east) of Highway AB 21, 1 hr NE of the Calgary International Airport (YYC) and slightly over 2 hours from Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

Check out the Good Knights website:  https://www.goodknights.ca/contact-us On Google Maps: https://g.page/GoodKnightsCanada?share 

Policies, Terms and Conditions

Medieval Tango Retreat: Policies, Terms and Conditions