"My wife and I have now finished the beginner level class through Casa Tango and have really enjoyed the experience. We look forward to the following classes. Vera and Daniel do a great job of really simplifying the learning process while teaching you that Argentine Tango is all about confidence and character and what you bring to the dance floor. We highly recommend these classes!"
Rod Loyola

"Initially, what drew me to Casa Tango was the wonderful community of dancers who were so welcoming to a beginner like myself.  I had not expected to learn and dance so much at my first practilonga, which motivated me to take more lessons.  It quickly became apparent that Vera and Daniel’s philosophy and teaching style was unique.  They teach tango like a language: emphasizing embrace, connection, technique, and improvisation rather than figures and patterns.  They also take the time to explain the history, etiquette, and music of tango.  After only a few months of lessons, I feel like I could enter a milonga anywhere in the world and confidently navigate both the culture and the dance floor."
Samantha R.Edmonton/Calgary

"Hello Daniel and Vera,Just wanted to let you know that your new studio is very, very good.  I have not seen this class studio before, especially the floor and spotlights, which make so much difference in dancing.
I am very happy for both of you and keeping the Argentine Tango alive in Edmonton.  Whenever I visit, I will surely drop by."
Edmonton and now Toronto

"Shoot low and Aim high!!!"
Being from Eastern Canada (Montreal) this type of expression is considered Far west talk.  Not something we would think of hearing at a Tango class.  However Vera and Daniel talk of "real estate", "shooting and aiming" among several other colourful expressions to replace usual Tango lingo.
Their style of teaching is warm, friendly, unpretentious and visually easy to pick up. (Using trafic cones to help picture different rhythms.) 
Being from Montreal, I have been spoiled with plenty of Tango schools to choose from.  Most of them are excellent. My Edmonton experience however has taught me that small can be beautiful.  I have been humbled by these two personalities, whom have shown me very basic principles as well as Old Tanguero style dancing in a whole new light.
Thank you."
Gilles Raymond
Montreal, Quebec

"Vera and Daniel are excellent teachers. They start with simple steps and build upon them gradually so that even beginners can begin to dance. Their teaching technique is traditional and enthusiastic, it was a pleasure to be taught by them. They also hold regular workshops and milongas which are a great way to experence some of the tango culture.  I had a great time in their classes in Edmonton."
Jason Yakimovich
Zurich, Switzerland

"I enjoyed the class tremendously and will look forward to doing the Fall session.  I am very excited to learn more about tango and to take part in special events and classes. 
Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful art-form to Edmonton."
Edmonton, AB

"Hi Vera and Daniel,
 Wanted to let you know I had a great time at the 1st tango class last night.  The vocabulary analogy for learning tango really works with me...also appreciate the combination of talking, showing then letting us practice.  Am looking forward to the next class and participating at a milonga soon."
Take Care, Steve G.
Edmonton, AB

"Hola Vera and Daniel,
It was a delight to meet you both, and a pleasure to participate in Oscar and Ana's workshops. I feel that my tango dancing reached a new level with their instruction.
Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome, and I really enjoyed myself at your Milonga!  
I look forward to keeping in touch and to seeing you at the next opportunity,
Abrazos and cheers."
Calgary, AB

"When my husband told me he wanted to take Argentine Tango lessons again, I was reluctant to try. Our first experience with tango, at a weekend workshop, was less than satisfying.  I wanted to stay in the ballroom, but a girl can't say 'No' when her husband asks her to dance.
We chose Casa Tango Edmonton for one simple reason: they offered a new beginner session before any other school in town. Vera and Daniel's passion for the tango is palpable and exciting to watch.  Even better, they are able to share their passion through their teaching.
In their classes and practicas, we are learning the skills to dance Argentine Tango and our own developing passion for the dance is an unexpected bonus."
Julie and Earl
Edmonton, AB

Vera and Daniel are fabulous!!
Beatrice I.

Instructors were very informative as well as supportive to all levels of dancers. Vera and Daniel made the experience a lot of fun and were very easy to learn from.
Stefanie B.  

Great instructors, lovely space to dance in.
Barbara S. 

Vera and Daniel are extremely professional and create a wonderful and enjoyable learning experience.
Mary M. 

Nice introduction to the Argentine tango. Great sessions.
Kamelia V.