With our yearly trips to Buenos Aires, and after dancing and studying with the finest tango teachers in Argentina and North America, we are constantly improving our own dancing, our teaching methods and also developing numerous contacts in the tango world.  We are pleased to bring instructors of incredible calibre to our Edmonton Tango Community to help all our Edmonton tangueros accelerate their tango learning and to improve their ability to dance social tango!  

Workshops with Julia Gorin and Jonatan Baez from Argentina

April 6th, 7th and 8th, 2018.

Thank you everyone for your commitment and participation in this workshop.  Here is a video of Julia and Jonatan's fantastic performance. 


Julia Gorin and Jonatan Baez 

at Casa Tango Edmonton


Tango may cause unwanted side effects such as executing steps in elevators, supermarket aisles, parking lots or other public places.