With our yearly trips to Buenos Aires, and after dancing and studying with the finest tango teachers in Argentina and North America, we are constantly improving our own dancing, our teaching methods and also developing numerous contacts in the tango world.  We are pleased to bring instructors of incredible calibre to our Edmonton Tango Community to help all our Edmonton tangueros accelerate their tango learning and to improve their ability to dance social tango!  

We are happy to announce a milonga and a lesson with guest instructors Juliana Maggioli and Wolf “El Lobo” Mercado on Friday, February 23rd.

They will be teaching a lesson before our Friday TGIF Milonga
and Juliana will be offering a ladies' technique class on Saturday, February 24th. 

Please see their bios below.


Lesson on Friday, February 23rd

8PM till 9:30PM

For leaders and followers

Lesson description: Calesita and fun decorations for the followers (all levels)
TGIF Milonga on Friday, February 23rd with guest performances by Juliana and Wolf
9:30PM till 1AM

Lesson and milonga $30

Saturday, February 24th

Women's technique workshop with Juliana: "Between the heel and the embrace: Low ornaments."

Wolf and Juliana will be available for private lessons from Friday till Sunday, Feb. 23rd to 25th. Please contact us to book your spot.

From Brazil, Juliana Maggioli considers Buenos Aires her second home after having studied tango there for many years, with both contemporary and old-school "maestros." She has participated in many festivals in Argentina and Brazil, and she recently toured Europe and Asia, working with such partners as Maximiliano Cristiani and Pablo Rodriguez. Two years ago, Juliana worked with Enrique de Fazio, one of the Hermanos Macana, at the IXth Congreso de Cultura Latina in Brazil. Known for her ornaments and a specialist in women's technique workshops, Juliana has recently delved into show tango, though she still believes the milonga is where the real tango lives. Juliana is organizer of the Mucho Tango Milonga in São Paulo, Brazil.
Juliana is returning to Canada this winter to participate in Montreal’s TangueraFest for the third time.

Wolf “El Lobo” Mercado, born in Argentina and raised in Peru, grew up surrounded by dance.
Not long after his arrival in Montreal in 1999, Wolf discovered tango in a local school, where he observed and participated in workshops given by a variety of renowned tango masters, most notably Julio Méndez.
A dedicated athlete throughout his youth, Wolf also works as a personal trainer and has studied kinesiology at the university level.
Wolf and his regular partner, Andrea, opened their own studio, MonTango, in 2008. They have honed their skills together and through workshops in Montreal and Buenos Aires with a variety of masters. They frequently teach and perform at local events and festivals and have also directed three successful shows titled Historias de Tango.

Wolf and Juliana first performed together at Montreal’s TangueraFest in 2016 and they have since performed at several events in Canada.

Workshops with Julia Gorin and Jonatan Baez from Argentina

Save the date!  

April 6th, 7th and 8th, 2018.

Upcoming workshops with Julia Gorin and Jonatan Baez

Please stay tuned for details.


Tango may cause unwanted side effects such as executing steps in elevators, supermarket aisles, parking lots or other public places.