Barre Class - 6 Week Session


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We have an exciting announcement for January.  We will be offering a barre workout class with an amazing and experienced instructor at our Casa Tango studio.    What is Barre?  Barre technique is an athletic fusion of elements from dance, pilates, yoga and weight resistance. The benefits of barre conditioning aims to quickly create long, lean muscles. toned thighs, a lifted seat, flat abs, amplified fat burning, increased flexibility and improved posture.  Barre movements create a low-impact workout, making it safe for almost everyone.  Most people see results within 3 weeks of starting barre classes. 

It will be a 6 week session starting on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.

Time:  6PM to 7PM. 

There are limited spots and the cost is $90 plus $3 for processing fee for the whole session.  To book your spot, please register by paying through PayPal (no refunds/no cancellations due to limited spots).